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Who We Are

WineCollective is your guide to the world of wine through tasting the best curated bottles with fun, accessible learning experiences.

How WineCollective Began

The idea for WineCollective was developed out of a relationship with Reading For New Times Magazine, which had been publishing wine reviews. Readers expressed they were looking for a wine experience beyond the written word. WineCollective soon began to share the best wine in a curated, educational, subscription-based experience. Since our first shipment in 2009, we have been dedicated to providing, evolving, and growing the great wine experience that got us started.

Our Mission and Values

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Learning about wine should be fun, inclusive, and experiential. Crack open a bottle and share!

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Wine for All

Wine doesn’t have to be snobby or require a dictionary to understand. Wine is for the people!

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Good Times

Talking wine over a new, surprise bottle is the best kind of fun there is. Kick back and pour!

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What’s Happening Now?

We are all experiencing unprecedented times with the worldwide impact of Covid-19. It has been our commitment since the onset of the outbreak to maintain safe, reliable, and convenient shipments to our members. From utilizing new couriers, to implementing extensive internal safety measures, we’re proud to have maintained the ability to share great wine across Canada without interruption! We continue to monitor the ever-changing situation and will adapt as restrictions evolve. We’re happy to be able to still be a trusted resource for wine during these uneasy times.