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Bottega Vinai Gewürztraminer



13.5 Alcohol


Gewürztraminer originated in Germany but is now known and produced widely along the foothills of the Alps, from Germany, Italy, Hungary and France to Slovenia. Translated from German, 'gewürz" means spice, and "traminer" is the historic name of the grape. Traminer the grape, today, is distinguished as a less aromatic form of Gewürztraminer. Cavit owns the Bottega Vinai winery and is a cooperative that purchases from over 4,500 growers. The winery is located in Maso Toresella, on Lake Toblino, surrounded by vineyards. Vineyards are hand-harvested just north of Trento. After the grapes are crushed, they are left with the skins briefly to extract the aromas then pressed from the skins, giving slight colour from the copper-coloured grapes. Fermented in stainless steel before bottling 5 months later. Serve in its youth by the end of 2016 and chill to 8 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Bright, clean and clear. Hay bale - grey colour is indicative of the pink grape, like Pinot Gris.

How it smells

Greeted with an abundance of 'Gew' aromas, lychee, honeysuckle, candied ginger, blossom, golden apple and ripe pears. Emphasis is on great floral qualities, elderflower and roses.

How it tastes

Delicate flavours that mimic the nose: blossom, acacia, golden apples, pears and a pop of lime zest. There is nice, mouth-watering acidity and medium-light body. A touch of sweetness but this is a dry-style Gew. The finish is full of flavour, thyme, juniper, minerality and herbal tea and lasts forever.

Recommended food pairing

Ideally paired with green curries, stir-fry, or salad rolls and peanut sauce.

2014Bottega Vinai Gewürztraminer

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