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Undervine Central 700 Miles



Undervine Central 700 Miles

Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Petit Verdot, Merlot

California, United States

Alc. 14.7 %

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This wine hits all the marks when looking for a special wine. It is concentrated and rich, drinks well now and can age, tells a great story and is very hard to find! The back label tells the tale of 700 Miles to find the vineyards for this wine. With limited distribution in Canada, and only 225 cases produced, this is a gem! Undervine is a négociant business, which purchases grapes from 100% organic vineyards throughout California. The 700 Miles is a combination of fruit from Santa Ynez and Rutherford. Rutherford is a premium Napa AVA, which produces Cabs that are opulent with rich fruit and earthy qualities. Rutherford boasts Cabs with sought-after acidity and impart hints of eucalyptus. Sanata Ynez is in Santa Barbara County, a cooler climate more notable for Pinot and Chardonnay. Beautiful today, or cellar until 2020. Decant and enjoy at 18 degrees Celsius.


Opaque burgundy core, with a thin cherry-coloured edge. Heavy, slow legs when swirled.


Oak is noticeable at first, notes of forest, cigar box and and vanilla bean. Concentrated plum and black cherry come second and a touch of cocoa nib, black licorice and purple flowers.


Smooth, round and full-bodied. The palate is evenly balanced, with more oak presence at the tip of the tongue and fleshy-weighted plums lingering through the mid to the finish. Mild tannins that are well integrated and smooth. There is an elevated sweetness in the finish with chocolate and dried berries.


Braised lamb or roast, tender with caramelized juices and root vegetables as a side.

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