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Domaine du Salvard Rosé

Gamay, Pinot Noir

Touraine, Loire Valley

12 Alcohol


Notes from the featured 2014 vintage. The Loire Valley is divided into 4 large sub-regions, the Central Vineyards in the east, Touraine further west, and Anjou-Samur and Nantais furthest west along the Atlantic Ocean. The Loire is France's longest river. It travels from the mountains of central France west to the Atlantic and through all four wine regions of the Loire Valley. The many tributaries of the Loire and the proximity to the coast impact the climate and soil of vineyards, producing a wide variation of types and styles of wine. Cheverney is located in the Touraine AC, within the sub-region of Touraine. Typical to the area, this blend has Gamay (35%), but also the less prevalent Pinot Noir (65%). The vines average 25 years and grow on sandy, loam and limestone soils that bank the river valleys of the Loire. Serve chilled to 8 degrees Celsius and enjoy over the next two years.

How it looks

Pale, soft pink with watery edges.

How it smells

Subtle at first, the aromas open to strawberries, peaches, pink grapefruit and a slight flinty and mineral note.

How it tastes

Produced from 50% free run juice and 50% pressed juice. Pressing the grapes results in more contact with skins, adding tannin and colour to the wine. Stong, but balanced acidity, the wine undergoes partial malolactic fermentation, converting harsh malic acids to softer lactic acids. Flavours similar to the nose, strawberries with citrus and minerality.

Recommended food pairing

From salads, seafood or cheese course. Enough body to handle more substantial dishes, pasta with a light tomato sauce, Kalamata olives, fresh tomato and chilli flakes.

2015Domaine du Salvard Rosé

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