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O. Fournier is in Argentina’s Uco Valley, about a 90-minute drive southwest from Mendoza, the capital city of Argentina’s top wine region. You get here along a winding highway dotted, somewhat alarmingly, with roadside shrines to Cowboy Gil, the local patron saint of reckless drivers. The Uco Valley is home to some of the world’s highest-altitude vineyards, planted from 900 to 1,200 metres above sea level. The air is headily thin and dry, the sunshine intense (over 250 sunny days annually) and the temperature swings severe, which just happen to be perfect conditions for producing spectacular wines. This wine from O. Fournier has not been previously featured in WineCollective packages, but is available for a limited time through the online store. Ready to enjoy today at 17 degrees Celsius, or hold until 2018.

How it looks

Dark with a tinge of black cherry. Its thick and opulent leaving generous coating on the glass.

How it smells

It has a very ripe bouquet, rich and complex with glossy macerated dark cherries, fresh fig and vanilla.

How it tastes

Plush and rich, with concentrated flavors of dark plum, porcino, baker's chocolate and blackberry. This has a core of dried beef and Asian spice notes that linger on the powerfully creamy finish.

Recommended food pairing

Bourbon BBQ beef ribs.

2010Alfa Crux

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