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Xavier Milhade Crémant de Bordeaux

Semillon, Muscadelle, Sauvignon Blanc


12 Alcohol


The story begins with Damase Milhade in 1938. Strategically landlocked between Pomerol and Libourne, Milhade used the nearby railway to supply Paris with his wines from Galgon, twice a week. Damase later used a five-tanker truck to criss-cross France, explaining his presence across the territory, even to this day. Jean Milhade took over the family house in 1947 and developed Château Recougne. Later, Château Lyonnat, Château Sergant and Château Tour d’Auron were all purchased under the Milhade name. "Crémant" originated in Champagne and was used to describe a less effervescent wine. Since 1985, Crément is used to designate sparkling wines from other French regions made using the traditional method. This wine was aged for 16 months in underground limestone. Never before featured on WineCollective, this wine is only available on the eStore for a limited time. Enjoy this year at 6 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Pale gold with some green reflections.

How it smells

The producer notes, "Hawthorn, combined with aromas similar to red currant."

How it tastes

Fresh, round, and elegant. Subtle mineral, is partnered with orchard fruits and some slight melon notes. Soft and persistent bubbles, lead to a creamy and crisp finish.

Recommended food pairing

Homemade Mac n' Cheese. Skip the sharp cheddar and opt for softer cheeses.

NVXavier Milhade Crémant de Bordeaux

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