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WineCollective Two - 6 Pack

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Contains the following wines:

Buy 6 bottles, and save $12/bottle from the retail price. This is the second in a series of limited edition wines featuring unique global winemakers. This Australian Shiraz is a collaboration between winemaker, Reid Bosward at Kaesler Winery in Barossa and WineCollective. The 2011 was not initially expected to be a stellar vintage, with reviewers quick to critique. However, the winemaker at Kaesler knew something that others did not; the wine needed more time. The remainder of the vintage was secretly stowed away in the winerey, with a plan to release it only when it was truly ready. The result is a wine that has surpassed all expectations of the vintage. When we traveled to Kaesler and tried the hidden wine from 2011, we knew this was the WineCollective Two. We have a finite availability of this wine, only 1,560 bottles produced from three estate vineyards in the Barossa Valley. Enjoy slightly chilled to 17 degrees and enjoy by 2020.

WineCollective Two - 6 Pack

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