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Brotherhood Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Hudson Valley, New York

13 Alcohol


Special selection, not featured in WineCollective packages, but too good not to share! Brotherhood is America's oldest winery, with the property's first winery structure built in 1839. There are five main appellations in New York Country, and Brotherhood has vineyards in several, including Hudson River and Finger Lakes. Only about a quarter of New York vineyards produce wine, the other 75% goes to producing grape juice (the kind with no alcohol), or table grapes. Traditional Bordeaux varietals are found in most of the five regions, actually Bordeaux and New York appellations are found near the same latitude, between 42 and 44 degrees. From the producer: "This “Burgundian” style, light brick-red, dry wine is surprisingly complex. Barrel-aged for at least 6 months, it has a berry nose and a hint of vanilla-oak. It is well-balanced, soft in texture, and an excellent accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes." Serve in the next 2 years and chill to 16 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Medium-light, burgundy colour.

How it smells

Wild cranberry and earthy with a bit of spice. Hints of vanilla and warm spices. We also get dried flowers, rose petals and a bit of wet-earth.

How it tastes

Continuous from the nose, dark cranberry and wild cherry, with underbrush and briar patch. The palate continues to have earthy qualities, and hints of bark. There is an herbal tea, and light sage note too. Sophisticated tannins, soft acidity and medium bodied. The finish is bit bitter with lingering notes of the tea and oak.

Recommended food pairing

We like the producer's suggestions of aged cheddars. Or opt for the classic grilled salmon, and side of mushrooms.

2013Brotherhood Pinot Noir

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