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Fox Run Lemberger

Cabernet Franc

Finger Lakes, New York

12 Alcohol


Special selection, not featured in WineCollective packages, but too good not to share! The philosophy of Fox Run has been neatly summed up by winemaker Peter Bell,"We call it the New Minimal Intervention because it's a technology-based understanding of when not to apply technology." It is the approach pursued by many great European and New World domains. After hand-harvesting of the grapes at their maximum maturity and sorting, handling is kept to a minimum. After pressing, wines are filtered as little as possible to allow for the true character of each grape variety to shine through. Quality is coaxed, not wrestled, out of the grapes. The Lemberger is ready to enjoy today at room temperature, 18 degrees Celsius, but can age another 3-5 years. Lemberger is a hearty grape, which prefers higher crop density. Pros include being deer repellent, especially in Washington and New York, this is important! Although hardy, it isn't as winter-resistant as Cabernet Franc. The name 'Lemberger' is the German name for an Austrian varietal. There are 15 producers who grow Lemberger in New York.

How it looks

Dark cranberry colouring.

How it smells

Brambly blue and dark berries, blackberry, blueberry and dark cherry. There is an obvious black pepper spice, and richer plummy notes.

How it tastes

Lemberger in cool years produce stronger black pepper notes, with a shorter finish. In warmer vintages, the black pepper is less obvious, but the wine has a longer finish. Plum, blackberry, black pepper, vanilla and some smoke round out the palate.

Recommended food pairing

Pot roasts, stewed meats and earthy sauces.

2013Fox Run Lemberger

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