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Château La Fleur Bellevue



Château La Fleur Bellevue

Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle

Côtes de Blaye, Bordeaux, France

Alc. 13.5 %

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Blaye is a sub-region of Bordeaux, on the east side of the Gironde River and across from the region of Medoc. Blaye is the most northern of the right bank of Bordeaux, with the regions Fronsac, Lalanade, and St Émilion to the south. Côtes de Bordeaux wines are moderately priced and usually of great value. The creation of Côtes de Bordeaux was in an effort to amalgamate the lesser known regions of Blaye, Cadillac, Castillon and Francs. Blaye's main varietals are Merlot and Cabernet Franc, but also produce white wines.

Château La Fleur Bellevue is situated on the slopes of Saint-Palais and it benefits from exceptionally fine soils of gravel and sand. It also enjoys abundant sunshine throughout the growing season. Château La Fleur Bellevue has combined traditional winemaking methods with modern techniques through all stages of the process to achieve wines of fine character which capture all the exclusive regional qualities. Enjoy this year at 6-8C.


Perfumed aromas that are intoxicating. Grapey, floral and fresh from the first glass to the last. Also finding zesty and concentrated lilies, a spicy white floral, juicy peaches and tropical notes of pineapple.


Maceration of the skins for 24 hours, to extract the maximum aromas and fruitiness. Then, traditional vinification in temperature-controlled vats (16°-18°C) on fine lees. Perfumed aromas translate to the palate, which is sometimes rare. Blossoms, lime zest, peach fuzz and hints of green pineapple. Extremely fresh with great acidity and pleasing weight on the tongue.


Soft and fresh cheeses, like taleggio and Camembert. We also think chicken and tarragon.

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