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Armas de Guerra Blanco

Godello, Doña Blanca

Bierzo, Castilla y León

12 Alcohol


In north-west Spain, just west of the town of León, is Bierzo. Known more for its red wines, especially Mencia, the region also produces exceptional white wines. Godello (GOH-day-oh) is the main indigenous white grape in Bierzo and in the best conditions, produces delicate wines with good acidity and light floral and herbal aromas. Godello accounts for 15% of this blend, the other 85% is Doña Blanca. Doña Blanca is high yielding and produces easy drinking wine, adding more citrus and fruit flavours to this blend. Both grapes are oxidative, sensitive to fungal diseases and mildews, ripen early, and often the victim of frost. However, with proper care and conditions are found with quality well-above their price. Vinos Guerra farms a third of all the vineyards in Bierzo, 2,471 of the 7,413 acres. However, they only make wine with the best 10% of grapes. This rigorous selective process allows the Guerra wines to show consistent quality. Meant to be enjoyed fresh and young, chill to 8C and cheers to summer on your patio!

How it looks

Soft and pale, honey-coloured yellow.

How it smells

Too cold and the aromas are muted and tough to interpret. A few swirls or cupping the glass will allow some richer notes of green apple, light olive oil, lemon zest and a bit of candle wax.

How it tastes

Again, too cold and we only find some citrus zest and crisp acidity. With time, a richer and silky body opens up, a fleshy palate of grapefruit, tart apple, some honey suckle and limestone. Crushable with a slickness across the tongue and a bit of an oily finish. Best of both worlds, elegant and rich in flavour.

Recommended food pairing

We want to mimic the feeling in our mouth, soft and round. Try lightly seared scallops with a citrus butter.

2014Armas de Guerra Blanco

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