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Temple Bruer Cabernet-Merlot

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

Langhorne Creek, South Australia

13 Alcohol


Temple Bruer is located in Langhorne Creek, neighbours (and friends) with one of our favourite Aussie wineries, Bleasdale. Temple Bruer is very focused on environmental stewardship and sustainable, organic viticulture and winemaking. Preservative free wines do not contain sulfur dioxide (SO2), which is used to prevent oxidation of the wine. SO2 is produced naturally during fermentation, but Temple Bruer uses a yeast that produces little or no SO2. Most wineries use SO2, in addition to what is naturally produced, to clean equipment, remove oxygen from bottles and sometimes added to the wine prior to adding the closure. Capsules are preferred to cork when using limited or no SO2, as cork will allow oxygen to enter the bottle in small amounts. The wine was filtered, but we suggest decanting to remove any sediment. Allow the wine to stand up-right for an hour or two prior to decanting, allowing any suspended particles to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Serve at room temperature, 18C, within the next year.

How it looks

Raspberry velvet coloured, with a medium-dark core. We notice very little sediment after decanting.

How it smells

Clean and fresh brambly berries of raspberry, blueberry and mulberry. There is also a decent amount of plum, a bit of baking spices and a touch of vanilla.

How it tastes

Sourced from organic vineyards of Langhorne Creek, Eden Valley and Loxton. The Cab and Merlot offer more tight plum and blackberry at the tip of the tongue. Plum skin, cedar and forest notes add to the earthy-woodsy flavour profile. Medium bodied, lean on the palate with just enough structure and acidity. Tannins are smooth with a light grit and the finish is fresh and light.

Recommended food pairing

The wine is also vegan, meaning no animal bi-products were used in the fining. With this in mind, try a vegetarian mushroom risotto or eggplant ragu.

2014Temple Bruer Cabernet-Merlot

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