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Brigaldara Soave


Soave, Veneto

12.5 Alcohol


Most Soave is made exclusively with the Garganega grape. Sometimes blended with Chardonnay or Trebbiano di Soave (Verdicchio), but there must be a minimum 70% Garganega. Brigaldara is produced from 100% Garganega, harvested from the Marcellise vineyard which was planted in 1980. Garganega is an indigenous varietal to Veneto, with plantings found mostly on the hillsides east of Verona. Soave has suffered from a deterioration of its reputation over the years, because of growers aiming for higher yields. From small producers with emphasis on quality, will continue to showcase the wine's complexity and character. Owner Stefano Cesari maintains 45 hectares of estate vineyards, two hectares planted to Garganega, which have been in his family since 1927. The vineyards are not far from Verona, San Floriano. The Brigaldara winery is actually a split level farmhouse that has been renovated and adapted without disturbing the buildings original architecture and style. Enjoyed best in the next year, serve chilled to 8C.

How it looks

Bright yellow, clean and clear with green reflections.

How it smells

Aromas are light, romantic and fresh. Apple blossom, lemon, lime and gooseberry. There is also an exotic and earthy spice, green olive and grassy alfalfa.

How it tastes

Most notable is the texture and minerality. The wine is slick on the palate, almost giving an oily feeling. Limestone notes carry through to the finish. Blanched almond, we find lots citrus zest, lime and orange. There is more fruit peel than flesh, again adding to the essence of botanical and oils. Good acidity that just cleanses the palate.

Recommended food pairing

We like pesto with our Soave. Traditionally made with pine nuts, feel free to opt out for other nut/herb combinations. Pesto on baked sole or grilled chicken, as a pasta sauce, or tossed with roasted potatoes.

2014Brigaldara Soave

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