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Vidigal Artolas

Moscato, Arinto


12 Alcohol


Vidigal is one of our favourite Portugues producers as they are capable of producing top-notch wines that are very affordable. Family run, Vidigal is located in central Portugal, in the region of Lisboa (formerly Estremadura). There are more than 30 different varietals grown here, in one of Portugal's most productive viticultural areas. Varietals may take many names based on regional dialect and history. Portuguese grapes commonly have several synonyms. Fernão Pires (aka Maria Gomes) and Arinto are two widely planted white varietals and are often grown and blended together. Arinto offers a zingy, fresh and acidic profile, while Fernão Pires showcases more honey and mineral qualities. This blend also has a splash of Moscatel. Moscatel, as its known in Spain and Portugal, or Muscato in Italy, is an ancient varietal that is dated back to the Greeks. With a lengthy history, this varietal has numerous synonyms and mutations. Drink fresh this year and chilled to 8C.

How it looks

Pale yellow with a heavy green reflection and watery rim.

How it smells

Chilled and straight out of the bottle, the aromas are muted and delicate. Twenty minutes later and a bit warmer, the wine is much more expressive, with notable Granny Smith apples, green pear, lilies and tropical fruits. We especially note the kiwi!

How it tastes

Same as with the nose, the palate is simple and crisp out of the gate. Light bodied, slick and fresh from beginning to end. There is great acidity that tastes juicy and mouthwatering. The white florals, light spice, green apple and kiwi stand out the most. A few degrees warmer and there is a honeyed and mineral finish.

Recommended food pairing

Effortless enjoyment on its own. Or, pair with a sticky glazed chicken thigh or prawns with a mango salsa.

2015Vidigal Artolas

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