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Vidigal Dom Dinis

Castelao, Aragonés


13 Alcohol


A family run operation, Vidigal is located in central Portugal, in the region of Lisboa (formerly Estremadura). There are more than 30 different varietals grown here, in one of Portugal's most productive viticultural areas. Vidigal's Dom Dinis is a tribute to the Portuguese history, which is celebrated on the label. Dom Dinis was a king whose legacy is in the planting of pine trees. The “Pinhal de Leiria”, 27 acres of pine, was planted to dry swamp land and block the sand from the Atlantic from blowing inland. Centuries later, the trees became the wood used to build ships that explored the world, specifically the "Naus". WineCollective selected this wine specifically for its value and story. Our members are the only Canadians who are able to experience this exclusive product! Enjoy by the end of 2017. This is the type of red wine that benefits with a light chill, serve at 16C.

How it looks

Ruby red core with the slightest of tawny edges.

How it smells

Unanimously, we find florals and raspberry up front! Further investigating leads us to prune, pepper, and sun-baked pebbles. We are also picking up a steely minerality and cherry flavoured vitamins.

How it tastes

Fermented in steel tanks (meaning no oak barrels), showcases the wine in its purity. Any grainy tannin or secondary notes of vanilla and spice are fruit driven. A wider array of red berries, soft bodied and moderate acidity with light tannin. Dried gogi berries perfectly explain the bitter, concentrated and almost vegetal notes through the finish.

Recommended food pairing

City chicken, depending on your mom's recipe, it may not even have chicken! Think kabobs (veal and pork), lighted breaded and baked.

2013Vidigal Dom Dinis

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