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Yarrabank Cuvée

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

Yarra Valley

13 Alcohol


The Yarrabank Cuvée is an exclusive offering from WineCollective. Only 108 bottles were brought into Canada! Produced by Yering Station, based in the Yarra Valley, in collaboration with Devaux. Deveaux is a Champagne house, which offers their knowledge and imparts a traditional, French style to the sparkling wine. The 2011 vintage marks the 20 year anniversary of the partnership between Yering Station and Deveaux. Made in the 'traditional method', which means that the secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, rather than a tank. Bottle fermentation of sparkling wine is a very time intensive and manual process. The act of 'riddling' bottles, slowly collecting the lees/yeast, and disgorging is one of the reasons why Champagne, and other traditional method wines, command higher prices. Vintage Champagne and sparkling wine can be cellared successfully and with great reward. The 2011 can be enjoyed today at 8C, or saved for several years, if you can wait!

How it looks

Pale, light straw and persistent, fine bubbles.

How it smells

Apple orchard, blossoms and baked bread, with subtle notes of yeast and raw almond. Meyer lemon and citrus zest offer bright and fresh breaks from the biscuit and richness. A mature nose that is already evolved and complex.

How it tastes

Elegant and timeless, a very traditional style that is executed perfectly. Delicate layers of orchard fruit, on top of a creamy base of biscuit and yeast. Although well-balanced, the acidity is striking and racy. Less citrus on the palate, instead the fine-sparkly bubbles carry more apple, strawberry and light plum through to the long lasting finish. The blend is 53% Chardonnay, 47% Pinot Noir.

Recommended food pairing

2011Yarrabank Cuvée

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