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Gelso Nero

Nero di Troia

Puglia, Foggia

13 Alcohol


"Uva di Troia" has an interesting and debatable history. The reigning story is depicted by Homer, who wrote of the vines in his accounts of the battle in the ancient city of Troy. It is thought that the vines had been brought to Puglia by Greek sailors over 2000 years ago, when Diomedes, the Greek hero, destroyed Troy. Located in Puglia, Podere 29 as it is today was purchased and produced its first vintage in 2005. Prior to Podere 29, the land was given to a WWI veteran as farm land to tend after his years of service. This was typical in Italy, as the National Opus for ex-Servicemen allocated land to veterans to compensate them for their services. Farm 29 was the original number assigned to the land designated by the registry. Drink in the next year or two at 16-18 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Purple core with flecks of ruby. The wine barely trails from core to rim.

How it smells

Rich and pronounced nose that is fruit dominant. Plums, blackberries, dried cranberries, prunes and violet.

How it tastes

The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation, which converts the harsh malic acids into CO2 and smoother lactic acids. In red wines, this occurs to neutralize harsh acidity and to help increase ageability. Fermented in steel tanks for 6 months, the plummy red fruits are clean and show bright and tart flavours. Nero di Troia is known for its tannins; having seen no oak, all of the chewy tannins come from the thick skins of the grape.

Recommended food pairing

A great wine for a cheese plate, especially aged. The harder a cheese is, the better it will react to a wine full of tannins, as proteins in an aged cheese will temper the tannins.

2010Gelso Nero

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