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Little Yering Shiraz Viognier

Shiraz, Viognier

Yarra Valley

14 Alcohol


WineCollective is a huge fan of Yering Station wines, especially the value-line, Little Yering. Over the last couple of years, Yering Station has given Little Yering a face-lift and elevated the quality of the wines. We are continually impressed! The Shiraz-Viognier was imported by WineCollective, exclusively for members. In addition to this newest member of our Little Yering line, be sure to check the online store for more from Yering Station. The historic property of Yering Station is located an hour from Melbourne, in the heart of the Yarra Valley. There, the first vineyards were planted in 1838. Yarra Valley is located in the state of Victoria and is home to some of the first vineyard plantings in the region. Today, the Rathbone Family owns and operates the Yering Station property. The Yarra Valley is predominantly planted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but offers exceptional cool-climate Shiraz. Enjoy this year, chilled to 17C.

How it looks

Medium core of ruby-purple.

How it smells

Purple flowers, plenty of peppery spice and crunchy dark fruits. Plum skins, blackberries and over-ripe cherry. The Viognier offers more fragrance and florals. Traditionally, Viognier is added to Syrah or Shiraz to brighten the deep flavours and add aromatics.

How it tastes

Cooler climate Shiraz, unlike super-juice bombs of Barossa, is a bit more restrained. There is good tension, structure and balance between the light grip of sweet tannins and lip smacking acidity. Again, there is violets and blackberries, with bits of vanilla bean and smoke. The barrel shows very lightly and offers mostly a rounder and soft body. The finish is pure fruit and drying oaky tannin.

Recommended food pairing

Event space and education centre in Calgary, TELUS Spark, offers an exceptional catering menu from Charbar. We paired this with their original 'Alley Burger' with Quebec cheese curds and all the fixings.

2013Little Yering Shiraz Viognier

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