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Bien Salud Thanks

Cabernet Sauvignon

Central Coast

13.9 Alcohol


Bien Salud Winery produces greeting card wines; the label acts as a card and a gift. Really, who needs a card anyways? We like the idea of a drinkable card! We thought 'Thanks' was fitting, we are thankful that you are sharing in this wine experience with us! In addition to 'Thanks', keep your eyes peeled for 'Happy Bday,' soon to be available in the store in both Cabernet and Chardonnay. You can definitely re-gift this bottle, but we think it is delicious and you should thank yourself by enjoying it! There are lots of wines on the market that sell based on marketing rather than the quality of juice, we are happy to be able to provide you both in one bottle. All the fruit is carefully selected from vineyards in the Central Coast. Winemaker Chris Brown produces these wine to be clean and simple, using minimal intervention to produce wines indicative of the region, vineyard and fruit. Enjoy over the next year and serve slightly chilled to 17C.

How it looks

Dark garnet core with a slim edge of raspberry.

How it smells

Warm, baked fruits like plum and dark cherry. There is a prune and raisin quality, that is rich and concentrated. There is a bit of heat at first, but that blows off rather quickly. A bit of baker's chocolate and brown sugar adds sweetness.

How it tastes

Black plums and cherries, blackcurrant and underripe blackberries provide a solid base of brambly, dark fruit. The tannins are slight in texture, but ripe and drying. The acidity is mild and lingers near the front of the tongue, where we also find some red, tart berries. There are roots, bark and rugged earth through the finish. As we enjoy the wine, the berry profile expands and becomes more apparent.

Recommended food pairing

Visit the WineCollective blog to get our take on the best Cab and steak pairing, including our match for this wine: grilled sirloin with garlic and mushrooms.

2013Bien Salud Thanks

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