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For Valentine’s Day, we bring you a love story: Christine Choquette, who runs the office at Bomber, is not a big beer drinker but does love sour beer, a few select dark ales and she LOVES dark chocolate. Don, one of the three owners at Bomber, wanted to make a beer for her because she also happens to be his wife. The label art is equally all about and for Christine, it is a collection of her favourite things; the dogs are theirs, her childhood horse Caesar also makes an appearance, along with shoes, a ukulele (she is a musician as well), books, macarons and a painting of ranunculus flowers which was her bouquet at their wedding. The sign is the Paris Metro sign and it is all laid out in a very Wes Anderson type scene, two more of her favourite things. Oh, and that description on the side of the bottle? It was written to the tune of “My Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music. In short, this beer is a beautifully crafted love letter from Don to his wife Christine Choqlette….er Choquette. The beer has three additions of chocolate throughout the brew; dutch processed dark chocolate powder in the mash, “dry-hopped” with cocao nibs in the fermenter and then an additional four more kilos of nibs to the conditioning tank while the beer was being carbonated.

How it looks

The beer pours a clear, very dark cola brown and settles in the glass as a darker, chocolate colour with some red around the edges and bottom of the glass. This beer has a decent finger of puffy, ecru-coloured head that lingers briefly before dissipating to leave some lacing.

How it smells

Aromas of bittersweet chocolate powder and grainy caramel malt meld with soft dark orchard fruit and tame, earthy noble hops.

How it tastes

This chocolate porter tastes of chocolate wafers dipped in medium roasted coffee, with some grainy and lightly roasted caramel malt. The bitterness on the finish tastes of bittersweet chocolate with some earthy hop bitters shining through. The body is medium but less smooth than we would have hoped with some mild pithy acridity taking hold on the finish, which is nicely dry.

Recommended food pairing

For Valentine’s Day, pair this up with a decadent chocolate offering or a creamy New York-style cheesecake. Chocolate on chocolate is never a bad idea and the bitterness cuts the richness on the cheesecake while the chocolate flavours add a nice dimension.

Bomber Choqlette Porter

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