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Bottega Vinai Marzemino



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You might be new to the Marzemino varietal; it is not a common wine exported to Canada. In Trentino, where the majority of Marzemino is found, it is typically produced as a single varietal wine. In lesser amounts, you can find it blended with Sangiovese, Barbera, Merlot and Gropello, in other Italian regions like Lombardy or Veneto. There are questions as to it's ancestry, but most theories connect it to other grapes originating from north-eastern Italy, like Teroldego. For a frame of reference, imagine a Chianti with deeper colour, riper fruit flavours and more body. Because these wines are not widely known and distributed, your money goes a long way. Expect great "bang for your buck." Decanting will mellow and unfold some of the wild aromas, but it is not necessary. We enjoyed discovering the evolution of this wine glass after glass, something new! Serve at 18 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Known for dark colour, deep red core and plum edges.

How it smells

Wow, there is a lot going on in this glass! We have a lot of meaty, brambly, leather, oak and spice all at once. If you are too impatient to decant, just give the wine 10 minutes in your glass. The nose mellows and we can detect finer notes of plum, currants, wet earth and oak chest.

How it tastes

Flavours are well-integrated and balanced, but still dominated by plums and dark cherries. Very smooth, with just slight tannins. Medium acidity and medium bodied, with the majority of the weight sitting on the mid-palate.

Recommended food pairing

The finish is slight, If unsure, pair as you would with a Chianti, Italian dishes and tomato sauces.

2015Bottega Vinai Marzemino

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