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Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris

Grampians, Victoria

13.5 Alcohol


Mount Langi Ghiran is dedicated to two things: producing top-quality varietal wines and the environment. The emphasis on environmental stewardship propels Mount Langi Ghiran to be an industry leader in sustainable processes. Integrated pest management requires understanding of the pest and its lifecycle, using control methods rather than synthetic chemicals. Canopy management, systematic pruning to encourage air-flow, and the use of Sulphur, a natural product accepted in organic production, is used to protect the vines from mildew. The Grampians region is cooler and wetter than most other areas within Victoria, further emphasizing the importance of proactive and sustainable viticulturual management. These practices also lead to healthier soils and fruit. Langi Ghiran was among the first to plant Pinot Gris in Australia in the early 1990's, however, the area is better known for cool-climate Shiraz and sparkling Shiraz! Drink this year, chilled to 8C.

How it looks

The colour of pear juice, with light green flecks.

How it smells

Fragrant, juicy pears and golden apples, with lighter notes of Meyer lemons and white floral blossoms. Creamy fruits and light oak produce a lemon-poppyseed bread aroma. With warmth, the floral and spice become stronger.

How it tastes

Natural yeast fermentation, 15% of the wine is barrel fermented and the remaining 85% in tank. Post fermentation, the wine is stirred on lees followed by another five months on its lees. The combination of barrel, lees and natural yeast lend to a pleasant weightiness, creamy texture and notes of lemon sorbet and macadamia nuts. Complexity galore with mineral notes, crunchy pears, limes and candied ginger. The acidity is bright and fresh.

Recommended food pairing

Spicy Thai fish cakes, with a refreshing cucumber relish.

2013Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Pinot Gris

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