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Konzelmann Merlot


Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

12.5 Alcohol

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Hayley V. submitted the winning label for the Konzelmann Lakefront Series Merlot. Contestants' artwork celebrates Canada's 150th birthday. Hayley noted that she used warm colours and maple leaves to showcase her favourite Canadian season, autumn. She also shared, "My family takes a drive every spring to see the moose in Algonquin and for the past two years we have been fortunate enough to take friends from Ireland and Australia with us." Partnering with Konzelmann was a perfect opportunity to celebrate Canada's birthday with an iconic Canadian winery. Herbert Konzelmann discovered the Niagara region while on vacation in the 1980's. He ignored his sceptics, and purchased a peach orchard, and planted a vineyard. Establishing the 7th winery in the area, making Konzelmann one of the pioneers of Canadian viticulture. Ready to enjoy today, or by end of 2017. Serve chilled to 16 degrees Celsius.

How it looks

Cranberry coloured, with a deeper core and paler edges that show a light brick tone.

How it smells

Stewed plums and rustic aromas of cranberry, black currant and black cherry. The fruits are well-ripened and warm, like they are baking on the vine in the late summer sun. With ample coaxing, small amounts of nutmeg and bay leaf.

How it tastes

The first sip is fresh and juicy up front. The brightness of acidity and plump red plums sits heavy on the tip of the tongue. As the wine rolls across the palate, it picks up more briar notes, and deeper fruit profiles, like black cherry and blackberry. Medium-light bodied, with lots of plummy notes from beginning to end.

Recommended food pairing

We think the rustic fruits and plums would be perfect served with appetizers of crostini with different toppings. From roasted tomato jam, melted smoked gouda, and mushroom pate.

2014Konzelmann Merlot

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