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Monte Da Ravasqueira Branco

Viognier, Albarino, Semillon, Arinto


12.5 Alcohol


From the country with the greatest variety of grapes in the world (potentially over 500), Monte da Ravasqueira has produced a stunning lineup of, value-priced wine. Portugal is one of the most isolated wine regions in Europe, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south, and Spain to the East and North. Traditional methods and styles can differ greatly here, since the history of winemaking and viticulture has developed uniquely, with less outside influence. Together, with rare and obscure local varietals, Portugal produces unique wines that are easy to stand out. The José de Mello family has run Monte da Ravasqueira for several generations, producing along with wine, olive oil and honey. The family also contributes to Portugal's cork production. The winery is located in the southern Alentejo (ahl-un-TAY-oh) region, which stretches from central to southern Portugal, the largest wine producing region in all of Portugal. Enjoy this year and serve chilled to 8C.

How it looks

Soft, light hay colour.

How it smells

The aromas are of the flavours of Portugal, we even find green olives. The olive oil and salinity are matched with potpourri, crunchy green apples and tropical passion fruit. Viognier adds the floral and perfumed blossoms, it is a very aromatic varietal.

How it tastes

Juicy and zesty flavours of green pepper, green olives, herbs, sweet basil and green orchard fruits. Extremely layered and complex, the sweet basil and herbacious notes call for a great food pairing. Alvarinho is one of the most widely planted white grapes and is found in most blends. Harvested early, the Alvarinho retains its natural acidity, and tropical fruits of melon, kiwi and citrus. Great acidity, light bodied and fresh to the finish.

Recommended food pairing

Ancient grain salad of toasted pine nuts, olives, cherry tomato, chives and lemon zest. A light dish, with earthy flavours and plays off of the greenness in the wine.

2014Monte Da Ravasqueira Branco

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