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Colterenzio Pfefferer


Alto Adige

12 Alcohol

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Muscat describes a family of wines, which is thought to be the oldest cultivated vitis vinifera varietal. It originated in the Middle-East and its use in wine production dates back to ancient Greece. Today, it is grown all over the world and in styles ranging from dry, sparkling and sweet. There are too many synonyms and clones to mention, throughout the centuries the grape has been claimed and re-named in many regions. Moscato Giallo, or “Golden Muscat”, is lesser known and mostly found in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northeastern Italy. Describing wines as "muscat-y" indicates a wine with strong aromatics of floral, fruit and spices. The Muscat family produces wines with very distinct characteristics, although depending on the region and style, the wines can vary greatly. Interesting fact - there is a chemical compound in Muscat grapes called linalool, which is also found in mint, orange, lavender, rose and coriander. Enjoy fresh, within the next year at 6-8C.

How it looks

Clean and clear pale straw colour, slightly grey.

How it smells

Smells like springtime! As expected, we find tonnes florals, fruit and touches of herbal spice. Every sniff exposes something new, lemons, lime zest, pears, apple blossoms, dried grass and thistle.

How it tastes

The palate becomes a bit more precise, we narrow down the extensive aromatics and focus on Golden Delicious apples, orange rind, white flowers and clover. Light bodied and medium-low acidity that is slow to build near the back of your tongue. The finish is lightly bitter, and holds most of the herbacious and pink peppercorn notes. Like drinking in a sunshine-filled orchard!

Recommended food pairing

Savoury pastries, like an onion pie (Zwiebelkuchen in German), flaky tarts and turnovers, even empanadas. We whipped up some Danish pinwheels with blue cheese, bacon and squash!

2015Colterenzio Pfefferer

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