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Ribera del Duero

14 Alcohol

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Viñas del Jaro Sembro is a fruity, fresh and juicy wine made from 100% Tempranillo grapes. Considered to be Northern Spain's highest quality grape varietal,Tempranillo, known as Tinto Fino to the locals, typically presents flavours of strawberries, black currants or plums. Sembro is aged for 6 months in new French oak casks, which helps to soften the tannins, create a round body, and impart light vanilla and toast flavours. The winery is located in Ribera del Duero, where Viñas del Jaro has been producing the highest quality wines since 2001. Jaro is a relatively small winery founded by the Osborne-Osborne family, whose focus has always been on maintaining the highest quality winemaking; ensuring consistent and effective production of their wines. The Jaro vineyards are located a short distance from the Duero river, within a forest of hundred year old holm oak trees, referred to as "Jaro", that lend their name to the winery. Best enjoyed by 2018, serve at 16C. Salud!

How it looks

Burgundy core with ruby edges.

How it smells

We think this wine has a very interesting nose. In addition to wild fruits and earthy aromas, we get sweet basil and a hint of balsamic. True to varietal, the fruits are dark and brambly with ample plum and black cherry.

How it tastes

Again, there are a lot of layers that add good complexity and a unique profile. Initially, the briar patch, bark and earthy flavours dominate, softening with time to reveal the plums, currants and sweet vegetal notes. Balanced acidity, just enough to keep the brooding flavours appearing fresh; velvety tannins, medium bodied with a richly flavoured finish.

Recommended food pairing

We like the depth of these flavours matched with braised meats, stews and heavy casseroles. Hungarian braised beef with paprika is a great pairing and super simple to make!


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