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#09 Oakridge Over the Shoulder Rosé

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Gris


14 Alcohol

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We are happy to announce the launch of Oakridge Wines in Canada. Oakridge is bringing a great selection of their wines to Canada for the first time ever! Stay tuned for the launch of this fall, where you can shop all their wines and have them shipped across Canada. Use the coupon code "WINECOLLECTIVE10" to receive $10 off your first order at From the Yarra Valley, the wine region surrounding the Yarra River in Victoria. The region is about 45 km east of Melbourne and borders the Great Dividing Range. Yarra Valley is one of the most southern appellations in the country. It has a continental climate with additional cooling factors from the ocean. There are a wide variety of microclimates attributed to different soil types, elemental exposure and elevations between 50-430 meters. In general, this area is cooler than most other wine regions in Australia. Cooler regions will produce more white wines and Burgundian varietals, like Pinot Noir. Enjoy chilled to 10-12C this year, or by 2019.

How it looks

Clean and clear, light blush pink- almost salmon coloured.

How it smells

Romantic nose of pretty florals, red berries and a dusty minerality. We pick up fruity notes of wild strawberries, white cranberries and under-ripe raspberry. There are hints of white pepper and dried herbs.

How it tastes

We fell in love with this rosé! Yarra produces a wide range of varietals, from Shiraz to Cab, but Chardonnay and Pinot Noir account for 60% of all wines produced. Considering the climate is somewhere between Burgundy and Bordeaux, it makes sense that these wines flourish here. There is great acidity, soft tannin, dry and light + body. A creamy texture gives us a strawberries and cream reference, with wild berries and hints of rose petal.

Recommended food pairing

Really versatile, but the bonus weight and great texture have us craving something a bit more substantial. Pair with a summertime pasta. Spaghetti alle vongole, or other seafood dishes will be best!

2016#09 Oakridge Over the Shoulder Rosé

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