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La Misiōn Reserva Chardonnay


Maipo Valley

13.4 Alcohol

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Willliam Fèvre's claim to fame is his reputation for producing some of the best wines in Chablis, France. He delved into Chilean winemaking in 1989 and partnered with local producer Victor Pino to begin Viña William Fèvre in 1991. Fèvre finally settled in the Maipo Valley, the closest wine region to the city of Santiago, central between Chile's most northern and southern regions. Chile has been producing wine since the 16th century; the unique landscape is very favourable to viticulture. With influences from the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains, there are a variety of micro-climates in which to produce interesting wine. Being only 160km wide, the variations from Chile's coast to inland provide a range of climates and soils. The Antarctic Humboldt current from the Pacific provides cooling coastal temperatures, while the mountain ranges and higher elevations at the base of the Andes bring shelter from the wind; warmer days and cooler evenings result. Enjoy today or by 2019, and serve chilled to 8-10C.

How it looks

Light, buttery yellow with white edges.

How it smells

Chilled and the nose shows a bit reserved, but we still get notes of lemon rind, concrete and stones, and dried white florals. Swirling your glass will reveal bright, white grapefruit. Some green herbaceousness adds sun-soaked vegetal notes and earthiness.

How it tastes

Citrus focused with strong notes of lemon, grapefruit and green pineapple. We pick up on the Chablis connection with slick minerality, sharp acidity, and clean fruit flavours. The lemon zest sits at the back of the palate and lingers for quite a while, further accentuating the dry style. Light bodied, but with a great texture and richness of flavour, it gives the impression of a fuller-bodied Chardonnay.

Recommended food pairing

Turkey kofta or meatballs. We like this Chard with fresh herbs, Mediterranean flavours and a squirt of lemon juice. Place your kofta on a stick for easy grilling, like a kabob!

2016La Misiōn Reserva Chardonnay

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Sommer Dunsmuir 2016-08-24T16:34:02-06:00

A nice surprise, lots of bubbles when first popped make an impact. Light, crunchy and dry...doesn't leave a sweetness on the tongue that can sometimes be unpleasant. Beautiful bottle and a light golden colour, I'd serve this at brunch. It's a "happy" bubbly dry wine....

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