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Millaman Condor Merlot



Millaman Condor Merlot


Central Valley, Chile

Alc. 12.5 %

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Millaman is brand new to Canada; several different wines from their lineup are being launched exclusively in Alberta. For this reason, WineCollective happily called dibs on the Condor Merlot. Chile often offers great value and quality if you know what to look for, these wines showcase that fact. It is hard to find a 'solid' Merlot at this price point and this one definitely over-delivers.

This Merlot is produced from estate grown grapes from the Hacinda El Condor vineyards in Chile's Central Valley and is vinified in their ultra-modern winery. The Central Valley is a large region, with lots of diversity in smaller sub-regions and is mostly planted with international varietals from Cabernet and Merlot, to Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The variations are greater when comparing vineyards from east to west, rather than north to south. The proximity to the Pacific Ocean or the Andes has a strong impact on temperature, sun exposure and soil type throughout the region. Enjoy this year, 16C.


Crimson red core with purple reflections along the edges.


A dominate plum profile with some darker brambly notes and hints of wild blueberry. Do you get the savoury, funky notes? An unique combo that reminds us of fig newtons or mincemeat (chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits, spices, and sometimes mutton/beef/venison).


Slick and soft across the palate; the medium body is fleshy and supple. The fruit flavours are darker, very ripe blackberry, black cherry and plums. We pick up on the fig newton filling, with prune and raisin replacing the fresher berries through the finish. Good acidity that is fresh, but not overly present, with light tannins. The finish is moderate, with a touch of heat.


All of the talk about mincemeat and filling makes us think of pie. This is a great wine for a savoury meat pie, from chicken to beef and everything in between.

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