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Suavia Monte Carbonare



13 Alcohol

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Suavia’s hillside vineyards are at the highest point in the classico zone of Soave, planted with Garganega and Trebbiano grapes. The Monte Carbonare is 100% Garganega, the name 'Carbonare' translates to 'coal', which describes the volcanic, black soils of the hillside that the vines are grown on. The owners of Suavia, the Tessari family, have been vignerons in Fittà and Castellaro since 1887. In 1982, Giovanni and Rosetta began began producing wines from their 12 hectares, rather than selling the grapes. Garganega is fairly unknown because the wine it produces, Soave, does not note the varietal on the label. At home in northeastern Italy, Garganega is a staple varietal and widely planted. Some white wines are better served only mildly chilled, we liked this wine at 13-16C. The warmth shows the wine's luxurious mouth feel and rich complexity; if too cold, some of the subtleties are lost. Best enjoyed within the next 2 years.

How it looks

Pale gold with straw hued edges.

How it smells

Before we find the fruit, there is lanolin, beeswax, honey, slivered almonds and lemon pith. With a bit of time, floral lilac buds, Meyer lemon, peach skin, golden apple and green pineapple appear.

How it tastes

The fruit flavours are citrus dominant, but creamy. We pick up on honeyed fruits and rich orchard pears, peaches and apples. The addition of lime zest and lime leaf give a brightness and burst of citrus. There is medium+ acidity, creamy texture and silky mouthfeel; the finish shows pithy, mineral and more almonds.

Recommended food pairing

Delicate fish, like sole or bass, served with risotto and roasted vegetables. This wine will also pair well with cheeses, most seafood and pasta dishes.

2014Suavia Monte Carbonare

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