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Bleasdale HMS Buffalo

Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec

Langhorne Creek

14 Alcohol


Bleasdale is rich in history, the winery weaves the stories of its past generations through their wines. Enjoying a wine from Bleasdale Vineyards is almost like taking a history lesson! The name of this wine, HMS Buffalo, was also the name of the ship that founder Frank Potts rode on his voyage to Australia from Portsmouth, England, in 1836. The first Governor of Australia, Arthur Phillip, was with Potts aboard the HMS Buffalo. Bleasdale Vineyards was founded in 1850, after Potts discovered the potential of the rich, alluvial soils along the Bremer River. The small, agriculturally focused growers of Langhorne Creek produce solid wines with a modest reputation. The HMS Buffalo is a common Aussie blend, dominated by Shiraz (63%), Cabernet Sauvignon (26%) and an 11% splash of Malbec. The Malbec is not declared on the label, as the Label Integrity Programme (LIP) in Australia does not require it to be noted. Enjoy today, or before 2019. Serve at proper room temperature, 18C.

How it looks

Deep crimson-purple core, with vibrant reflections and a very narrow rim.

How it smells

Spicy, warm notes of cracked pepper, dark florals, prune, cocoa dust and black cherries. The cocoa and pepper remind us of fall flavours and savoury baking aromas. The addition of cassis and dried herbs fill out the true-to-varietal charms of this wine.

How it tastes

Plush mouthfeel that is only slightly interrupted by light, sticky tannins. The fruit is again warm, mulled and concentrated; a brambly mixture of black cherry, plums and currants. There is solid acidity and medium+ body, which allows this wine to be a good companion to a great meal. The finish is slight, with briar patch, a hint of cocoa and faint vanilla.

Recommended food pairing

We like lamb with most Shiraz blends, from chops to ribs, the richness of the meat stands up well to Shiraz spice. Elevate your traditional pig-in-a-blanket, substitute with ground lamb and keep all the savoury spices!

2015Bleasdale HMS Buffalo

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