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Petrosino Saluq


Sicily, Italy

Alc. 14 %

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Primarily known for the production of Marsala (a fortified wine), Sicily is one of Europe's oldest wine growing regions. It has an array of indigenous varietals, and its long, dry summers create some serious vintage envy from other regions! Over the last few years, the wines of Sicily have become more readily available and we couldn't be more excited! They aren't just for the locals or cork dorks anymore!

Cantine Petrosino is a small cooperative located in the town of Petrosino, in south-western Sicily. This co-op was founded in 1962 and has a current membership of 759 growers. While relatively young, this area has the highest per capita grape production of the whole island. Petrosino has approximately 1600 hectares of vineyards. The co-op mainly focuses on local white varietals, but 15% of their production is made up of international and native black grapes that showcase wines with structure, spicy and savoury flavours. Enjoy now or hold for a few years. Serve 18C.


Rich, dark garnet with a lovely ruby core. Almost reminds us of perfect red roses.


Initially, wafting from the glass are of tobacco leaf, dark red berries, and hints of mocha. Cracked peppercorns, grilled blackberries and some toasty-oaky characters are present. This wine notes its youth but has a lovely minerality to it, which provides depth.


Rich, velvety mouthfeel of dark fruits such as black plums, blackberries, and cassis. Secondary flavours of freshly cracked pepper and fresh savoury herbs follow and complement the fruit notes nicely. The plum rounds out the slightly gritty tannins and the medium acidity. We like the weight of this wine, the flavours are intense, but the body is on the lighter side of full, giving it a more overall balanced feel.


Go local and pair with traditional Sicilian foods. Beef short rib arancini with a zippy tomato sauce or a scaccia! Try ricotta cheese and onion, or tomato and eggplant.

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