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Wirra Wirra Chardonnay



12.5 Alcohol


WineCollective has been following Wirra Wirra since 2011, when we learned of all the quirky stories and antics that go on at their winery. From the rosé named after a barn cat, Mrs Wigley, who steals the tasting room cheese, the giant catapult that is used to hurl watermelons at neighbouring wineries, ringing the 3/4 tone Angelus Bell, and the iconic rubber boots or 'wellies' that are tossed in the sport of 'welly wanging', this crew knows how to have fun. The winery is located in Mclaren Vale, which is to the south of Adelaide. Adelaide is in the Mount Lofty Ranges region of South Australia, one of the largest wine regions in the province. Adelaide is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia, dating back to the late 19th Century. Wirra's vineyards are certified biodynamic, and they take great pride in being ecological stewards. This Chardonnay has not been in our market before, enjoy during a spontaneous game of welly wanging, over the next year, at 10C.

How it looks

Very pale, grassy yellow with light green-grey reflections

How it smells

Creamy and tropical notes show first, like a mango creamsicle! Sweet notes of pear, peach, pineapple and mango grow as the wine warms in your glass, with added complexity of baking spice, toasted fennel seed and pine nuts. Adelaide is a cooler region, due to the altitude, producing white wines with bold phenolics and great acidity.

How it tastes

The palate is more expressive than expected, with the tropical fruits still providing the base of flavours, with added citrus zest and dashes of mineral, like stone and flint. The mouthfeel is also lush and creamy, with good acidity. The finish really gets us going - the nutty, doughy flavours produce a buttered bran raisin muffin taste that lingers.

Recommended food pairing

Play with the flavours you find in the wine, we want to mimic the nutty, tropical notes with a pistachio crusted halibut on a wild rice pilaf and a tropical fruit salsa to brighten up the plate!

2016Wirra Wirra Chardonnay

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