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Fasciano Organic Prosecco



Fasciano Organic Prosecco


Treviso, Veneto, Italy

Alc. 11 %

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Prosecco is not the name of the grape, but tells you where the wine is made. Sparkling wine can only be called Prosecco if it comes from Veneto, and is made of at least 85% Glera. Glera is the name of the grape, but just to make things confusing, it used to be called Prosecco. In 2009, the name Prosecco became reserved exclusively for wines covered by Italy's official Prosecco appellation titles, making it illegal for wine producers anywhere outside northeastern Italy to label their wines as "Prosecco".

Prosecco is produced either as frizzante (lightly fizzy) or spumante (fully sparkling). Prosecco is made using the 'charmat' method, which means that after fermentation, the wine is placed in stainless steel tanks, where it undergoes secondary fermentation. We love the resealable swing-top bottle, but this wine is so delicious, you probably won't have leftovers. We suggest enjoying at 8 C during the festive season, Prosecco is not intended to age.


Prosecco is not known for boisterous aromatics, usually more subtle aromas delicately appear. Gentle notes of acacia flowers, fuzzy peach skins, golden apples, pears and hints of lime zest are present. The floral notes sometimes come across as slightly perfumed.


The flavours are also subtle as they sparkle gently on the palate. Green apple forms the base and is accompanied by sweeter notes of banana peel and marzipan. The wine is dry, with a slightly textured mouthfeel and light body. The bubbles are small and produce little pops of effervescence on the tongue. This is more of a frizzante, with less vivacious, brooding bubbles.


Prosecco is so versatile, the bubbles and acidity pair great with everything from fried dumplings to your main event feast.

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