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Manuel Abreu Branco

Fernao Pires, Vital, Arinto


12 Alcohol


Portugal has been producing wine for over 4,000 years! There are over 250 indigenous grapes, of which very few are found anywhere else in the world. In Lisboa, there are more than 30 different varietals grown, in one of Portugal's most productive viticultural areas. A brand brought to you by Caves Vidigal, the Manuel Abreu Branco blend is comprised of Fernão Pires (60%), Vital (30%) and Arinto (10%). Fernão Pires is one of Portugal's most widely planted grapes and found all over the country, but is a key player in Tejo, Bairrada and Lisboa wines. Arinto is also found commonly and is very versatile. However, Vital is a bit of an enigma grape. It's susceptibility to rot and mildew makes it less favourable for its finickiness. It is also thought to be the same grape as Malvasia Fina, the two names are interchangeable almost everywhere. Portuguese grapes commonly have several synonyms, so its origins are somewhat unclear. Enjoy this year at a chilled temperature of 8 C.

How it looks

Clean, pale water white colour. A slight greenish hue in sunlight.

How it smells

The nose is fresh and bright! Tropical notes of pineapple and passion fruit flanked by fresh lemon and lime. Floral aromas of roses and white blossoms are present. Wet gravel lingers in the background breaking up the fruit notes.

How it tastes

Fresh cut pineapple, golden apple, and lime zest hit the front part of the tongue. The zippy acidity is palate cleansing and refreshing. There is candied orange peel paired with a hint of fresh lemon juice. The finish is long and full of warming, soft fruit notes. We tasted this on the warmer side, and all the flavours were kept bright and fresh. The body is playful and light making it versatile for a simple afternoon quaff.

Recommended food pairing

Try a salad with apples and beets for a hint of sweetness, but with enough acidity to balance the wine. Or a tower of seafood is always a solid choice for Portuguese wines.

2016Manuel Abreu Branco

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