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Little Yering Chardonnay


Yarra Valley

13.5 Alcohol


Yering Station is found in the heart of the Yarra Valley, Victoria. The Rathbone family owns and operates the winery, who's vineyards were the first planted in the Yarra in 1838. The area, and the winery, are both known to produce elegant cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The long and cool ripening season allows for the wines to build acidity and strong aromatics without producing sugary wines with high alcohol. The vintage was harvested earlier than normal, with an early spring, warmer and dryer season than most, resulting in optimal concentration in the grapes. The Chardonnay was fermented in both French oak barriques and stainless steel vats, then aged in used French oak for up to 9 months. The used barrels will give a subtler flavour of oak, while allowing for controlled oxygen exposure. The Little Yering Chardonnay has previously made an appearance, but has been out of the market for awhile, we are happy to welcome this wine back, a great value priced Chard!S erve chilled to 10 degrees Celsius and enjoy over the next 2 years.

How it looks

Medium lemon to light gold, clear with light legs.

How it smells

The fruit notes are predominately apples, peaches and some citrus. There is a touch of vanilla, and creamy, light lemon curd from the oak. Warmed slightly, richer dried bananas and tropical notes of melon.

How it tastes

Shows a creamy, nutty complexity with freshness and elegance. Medium-light body with great depth of flavour. From white peach and blossoms to savoury sage, toasted almonds and white pepper. The acidity is mild but fresh. The oak shows with a soft and buttery finish. Juicy and succulent showing typical cool climate elegance.

Recommended food pairing

Roasted squash risotto seasoned with fennel seed and braised leaks.

2016Little Yering Chardonnay

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