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Brown Brothers Cuvée

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


11.5 Alcohol


Brown Brothers is a very influential producer, contributing unparalleled research and innovation to the Australian wine industry. From its conception, Brown Brothers has explored planting in new areas, experimented with alternative grapes including Nero d'Avola, and even developed new varietals, such as Tarrango.

The Cuvée is brand new to Canada and exclusive to WineCollective; its arrival is long overdue! This wine has continuously impressed critics, with numerous 'best value' credits to its name. The value-driven price point makes this an easy choice for a crowd pleasing bubbly. A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from sites in Victoria, including 58% from Banksdale vineyard. It is a blend of parcels of wine from several vintages, creating layers of flavour and complexity. Wines with strong acidity, like most bubbles, are best complimented by salty, sweet or fatty foods. Have fun exploring many food pairings with this wine! Enjoy by the end of the year, chill to 10 C.

How it looks

A crisp, bright yellow-green hue, with a tight mousse of delicate, persistent bubbles.

How it smells

Mild aromas are slow to open, but with time will reveal mostly green fruits like pears and apples. The orchard fruits are crunchy and fresh, with a bit of zesty citrus from sweet lemons. Light undertones of unleavened dough give a yeasty note.

How it tastes

Continuity from the nose; the palate is crisp and refreshing. There is strong acidity that is cleansing and bright, making our mouths pucker slightly and water. Granny Smith apples and Bosc pears are lively and carry a malic, or apple skin type of acidity, combined with light yeasty notes for added complexity. The tight, popping bubbles are cleansing and provide balance. The finish is subtle and dry, leaving you wanting another sip.

Recommended food pairing

Some cuisines are notoriously difficult to pair with. We enjoy crisp bubbles with rich, sweet n' salty take-out Chinese.

Brown Brothers Cuvée

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