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Bella Cavada Gamay


Naramata, BC

11.8 Alcohol


Bella Wines is a very small sparkling wine house in Naramata, British Columbia, dedicated to producing natural wines from Chardonnay and Gamay. Jay Drysdale is the man behind these bubbles; his passion and dedication to traditional and ancestral winemaking techniques are unquestionable. For Jay, this means starting with organic fruit, picked when it is ready - not according to any schedule, which then undergoes gentle whole cluster pressing. An interesting fact about Jay's wines- they are all feral! Jay's winemaking technique is considered natural, which is quite the craze right now. The wines are made with minimal intervention, wild yeasts and no additives of any kind. This technique allows the wines to show many layers of complexity in their most true states. If you are in the area, swing by and say 'hello'! You will no doubt find Jay, his wife Wendy and their awesome bulldog Buddha mucking around in the vineyards! Enjoy today, slightly chilled to 10 C.

How it looks

Soft, dusty peach coloured with vigorous, lacy foam bubbles that dissipate and leave delicate bubbles dancing throughout the glass.

How it smells

Beautifully understated with romantic aromas of green strawberry, white peach, rose petal, apple blossom and clover. We find beeswax, which gives a mineral and lightly sweet note.

How it tastes

Continuous flavours from the nose in the form of strawberries, peaches and underripe white cranberries. There is the addition of a more concentrated stone fruit of juicy apricot. The floral notes of rose and blossom give a perfumed quality to the wine. Tangy acidity makes our cheeks gush, while the lively mousse pops on our tongues and brightens the entire mouth. Peach pit and watermelon rind flesh out the finish with a lightly bitter sensation.

Recommended food pairing

It is difficult to go wrong here, Gamay's high natural acidity and low tannin make it a versatile partner - especially when sparkling. Ideal with a creamy cheese plate or with an Easter feast of ham or lamb.

Bella Cavada Gamay

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