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La Enfermera


Toro, Spain

Alc. 14.5 %

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Terra d'Uro is a project by Oscar Garrote, Cristiano Van Zeller and Pipa Ortega, three oenologists with a long history in the world of wine. Their mission is to produce wines that reflects the characteristics of the area. They have a unique terroir with vineyards of different ages, between 15 and 140 years old. These small plots form a set of about 7 hectares, with around 900 vines each.

Terra d'Uro La Enfermera is made from Tinta de Toro aka Tempranillo from Toro. Tempranillo has many synonyms, last count we found over 50! Most of the aliases are related to region, but there are some which are completely different such as Cencibel or Aragonez. No matter what the monkier, Tempranillo produces wines with a ruby colour with aromas of plum, tobacco, herbs and red berries. Depending on the winemaker, the style can vary from deep and brooding to fresh and bright. La Enfermera is on the fresh and bright side. Enjoy now or hold for a couple of years, serve room temperature 18 C.


Opaque burgundy core, fading to a lighter, rosy plum colour.


Juicy plums, blackberry and raspberry give a fruit forward aroma. The fruit is trending towards stewed, showing a warm, ripe quality. There are savoury and funky notes of cured meat, and spice of cracked pepper or steak rub.


Tempranillo is a bold wine - and from Toro you can commonly expect higher alcohol, strong tannins and full-bodied. This is a more elegant representation that packs a ton of flavour into a more subtle package. Bold plum, violet and crunchy red apples leave little room for light glimpses of bark and peppercorns. Chalky tannins and mild acidity hold the wine through to a strong finish with a tingling of heat.


We crave roasted, succulent dishes that are rich in flavour and substance. Lamb schank or even go a bit wilder with a venison roast. Bold berry flavours will compliment it well.

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