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Schild Estate Lorraine Late Harvest Semillon



Schild Estate Lorraine Late Harvest Semillon


Barossa Valley, Australia

Alc. 12.5 %

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Lorraine Schild has been the backbone of the Schild family since her marriage to Ed in 1962, raising four children, working full time herself and supporting Ed in all his ventures. She is truly the unsung hero of the Schild Estate operation and having made a wine in Ed’s honour, we just couldn’t let the opportunity pass without doing the same for Lorraine.

The 2012 vintage was characterized by mild daytime temperatures and cooler nights. We saw enough sunshine to see good flavour and sugar development and with a distinct lack of any sustained hot spells it was also a year where the pace of ripening was slow, steady and easily manageable. Whilst conditions were not conducive to Botrytis formation on the late harvest fruit, the growing season allowed fruit flavours to concentrate and develop on the vine whist still ensuring bunches remained in optimum health and retained natural acid and balance deep into the season.


Notes of fresh citrus, orange marmalade and a delicate white flower perfume.


A full, round front palate derived from the retention of natural grape sugars and the presence of some nectarine, white peach and floral notes provides a hint of lushness. This is followed by glimpses of subtle oak spice and a clean acid finish which proves some freshness and line to the wine and ensures it retains an element of refreshingness to counter balance the sweetness.


With sweeter notes and a zippy palate, dishes with Indian or Asians spices would pair perfectly. Or go for a sushi spread with pickled ginger.

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