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Cloud Break Merlot


California, United States

Alc. 13.5 %

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Cloud Break is brand new to Canada and exclusive to our members! We are so excited about the great value that is packed into each bottle - where can you find a better California Merlot for this price?

We expect juicy, plump flavours from our Cali Merlots, but this wine adds something extra, a bit of rustic charm. Savoury herbs, tart berries and light spice are produced from the cooler vineyard sites of Lodi. Part of the larger Central Coast wine region, these vineyards foster slow, even ripening of the grapes, producing the perfect balance of rich, ripe fruit flavours and crisp acidity. Merlot is primarily sought after for its texture, often blended with other varietals to soften tannins and broaden mouthfeel. Closely related to Cab Franc, Cab Sauv and Carmenere, Merlot is differentiated by larger berries that have a higher flesh to pip ratio (more juice to less seed and skin = less tannin and rounder body). Ready to enjoy today, cool slightly to 16 C before serving.


Medium to light opacity with red apple colour through the core, and cranberry hued edges.


A play between sweet and tart fruits with a cran-raspberry or tart cherry profile forming the base. The brambly fruits are accented by herbal notes of raspberry leaf and green strawberry, dried thyme and unseasoned oak.


Medium to light body, with effortless tannin and a pleasant mouthfeel. This will be a crowdpleaser for sure - fruit forward and fresh with just enough lip smacking acidity. Grilled strawberries give an interesting flavour profile that is sweet, savoury and warming. Touches of baking spice also add a layer of mild spiciness - think clove and nutmeg. Tart notes of cranberry and raspberry flow to a mild finish with steely minerality.


Ideal with a casual cheese plate and good company. Pick mild, medium-firm cheese and fruity preserves.

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