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Tiberio Trebbiano d' Abruzzo



13.5 Alcohol


The family run estate of Agricola Tiberio is located in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. Just 23 miles inland from the Adriatic Sea, the estate has a holding of just under 40 hectares. Dedicated to Abruzzo's native grape varietals such as Trebbiano Abruzzese, these vines are some of the oldest in the region and honour the rarity of the varietal. These vines are what originally peaked Riccardo Tiberio's interest in the estate. Trebbiano Abruzzese is not to be confused with the more widely known Trebbiano Toscano (or Ugni Blanc in France). While these two varietals may resemble one another, the similarities end there. The Toscano varietal is widely planted across Italy and may produce overly acidic, muted wines, while the Abruzzese varietal is known to produce delicate and light bodied wines with layers of flavour and complexity. So even though a wine is labeled Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the region's starlet. Chill down to 10 C and enjoy now!

How it looks

Sunshine yellow with a green undertone. As light reflects in the glass it creates a beautiful brightness.

How it smells

At first sniff, there's a freshness with hints of grapefruit, green pear and Granny Smith apple. Subtle floral aromas of white blossom and orange zest are close behind. The freshness of the wine is presented in the bouquet of aromas; it reminds us of a spring breeze.

How it tastes

Bursting with crisp, fresh flavours of lemons and lime zest, and accompanying the citrus are green apples, pears and stone fruits. We also pick up orange blossoms and sweet apricots. Zippy acidity keeps the palate clean with layers of flavour. On the finish we find light minerality and a salinity. On the heavier side of a light-bodied wine, which makes it easy to sip on its own. If served too cold, some flavours will be muted, enjoy moderately-chilled.

Recommended food pairing

A feast of seafood or white meats would pair perfectly. Keep the seasoning light as to not overwhelm the wine. Because of the natural acidity, fried foods work well too.

2016Tiberio Trebbiano d' Abruzzo

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