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Bartier Bros Chardonnay


Okanagan Valley

12.8 Alcohol


Michael and Don Bartier were raised in "The Valley" and know every inch of their Summerland property. The duo produces unique representations of BC wines. Bartier's winemaking philosophy is not to replicate the Bordeaux or Napa, but instead to embody the amazing characteristics and qualities of Okanagan vineyards. The WineCollective team has had the opportunity to meet with the brothers and have frequently sought to sample their wines whenever possible.

The Chardonnay is from a vineyard below Black Sage Road between Oliver and Osoyoos, this vineyard has a gentle West-facing slope. The soils are dense loam topsoil above gravel with limestone (calcium carbonate) covered granite, quartz, and basalt cobbles throughout a deep profile. Irrigation and ground water accept minerals from tehse rocks, and in turn, deliver these to the vines, causing a profound effect on the grapes. Enjoy within the next couple years at 8 C.

How it looks

Soft, flinty yellow.

How it smells

Peach, lime, and caramel aromas show immediately, followed by the same on the palate.

How it tastes

The texture is dry, balanced, and full bodied, with a pleasing acidity to keep this wine fresh and refreshing. There is a flinty, struck stone character which is present from beginning on the palate through a long finish.

Recommended food pairing

Roasted chicken or turkey. Savoury autumn vegetables such as squash or pumpkin soup. Perfect match with Thanksgiving dinner.

2015Bartier Bros Chardonnay

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