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Lake Breeze Roussanne


Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley

13.5 Alcohol


The latest release of Roussanne from Lake Breeze has received a ton of awards, including: Gold Medal at the 2017 BC Wine Awards, Silver Medal at the 2017 National Wine Awards of Canada. We have featured several wines from Lake Breeze over the years, but have not yet found a spot for the Roussanne in our packages - we suggest you take this opportunity to discover this wine for yourself, you won't be disappointed! Roussanne is a grape varietal that originates from France, probably northern Rhone. The name Roussanne refers to the colour of the grape, when it is fully ripe - instead of gold or green, it has a rusty-reddish colouring, or 'roux'. Typically found with it's best friend Marsanne, here we get to experience this varietal on its own - a truely unique experience. We suggest enjoying by 2019 and chilling slightly, to 12 C.

How it looks

Light, straw yellow with golden reflections.

How it smells

You will also find an abundance of honeysuckle and pear on the palate. The aromas are fresh, inviting and intoxicating - we can't get enough.

How it tastes

15% of the wine was fermented in oak, while the rest was fermented in stainless steel. The addition of precision oak has increased the body and provided a full, mouth-watering experience with balanced acidity. Strong flavours of honeysuckle and pear keep the wine fresh and interesting.

Recommended food pairing

A white wine that fits better than most with savoury and smoky flavours. We like a lightly poached egg on smoked trout and a sprinkling of chive - it sounds more difficult than it is to make.

2016Lake Breeze Roussanne

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