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Lake Breeze Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc


13 Alcohol


Unfortunately this vintage is sold out but you can find the freshest vintage here! Being known for more than their wines, Lake Breeze Wine Farm provides and escape in their Naramata, British Columbia vineyard. Built in 1996 the winery is named after the winds that blow through the Naramata Bench year round. The term "wine farm" is part of the wineries South African influence from Cape Town born winemaker and president, Garron Elmes. Elmes was also the first to plant Pinotage in Canada, a SA variety created by crossing Pinot Noir and Cinsault. The current owners, the MacIntyre family, purchased the property in 2001 and have extensively invested in order to increase production from less than 3,000 cases a year to over 10,000. The first vines on the property were planted in 1985, making them some of the oldest on the Naramata Bench. Lake Life. This wine is the apidimi of what 'lake life' means - not only do you want it on hand on the dock, just taking a sip can transport you to the long weekend at the cabin (even if it is still March!). This is one of our summer go-to wines, and with snazzy new labling, it brings a whole new level of 'relax' to the wine. Enjoy the Sauvignon Blanc this year at its freshest, chilled well to 6 C.

How it looks

Very light, straw yellow.

How it smells

Citrus from beginning to end, with loads of zippy zest and fresh aromas. Partnered with some light, sweet grasses and apple blossoms for an elevated floral sweetness.

How it tastes

This wine is not currently featured in WineCollective packages - but we encourage you to check it out and let us know what you think! This is classic Sauvignon Blanc with loads of crisp citrus and grapefruit flavours and aromas. Lively, crisp acidity.

Recommended food pairing

Most whitefish, shellfish, poultryand goat cheese would pair beautifully - however, we love this wine just on its own.

2017Lake Breeze Sauvignon Blanc

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