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Tawse Sketches Riesling


VQA Niagara Peninsula

10 Alcohol


We at WineCollective have had a love affair with Niagara Rieslings for quite awhile. We featured the 2009 Sketches Riesling way back in 2012! This current vintage is not featured in packages, but we are continuing to sing its praise. We feel that the climate of the Niagara has given Canada its first real glimpse into terrior driven wines. Tawse, the producer of the Sketches brand, is a likely contender for the “hottest Canadian winery” in the past decade. It has been named Canada’s Winery of the Year multiple times. Tawse Winery is a certified organic and biodynamic winery located near Vineland on the Niagara Escarpment. Not only does the winery not use pesticides or fungicides in some of its largest vineyards, horse-drawn farming implements are used and farm animals wander the grounds of the winery eating weeds and providing natural fertilizer for the vines. Serve this wine at 6 - 8 C and it should be consumed by 2020.

How it looks

Medium straw gold with extremely light legs that evaporate off the glass quickly.

How it smells

Absolutely fantastic nose. Petrol, oiliness, rubber and kerosene, all the hallmarks of a fantastic Riesling. Not to be out done, there are hints of white flowers and ripe stone fruits at the edges.

How it tastes

There is a good structure to this wine, there is a good amount of sweetness in this wine while still being firmly “dry” and without going jammy. The fruit is gooseberries, cranberries (white), citrus zest (lemon and lime) and is enjoyable across the entire palate. The acidity is in check and provides a bit of tartness on the finish. A fantastic Riesling and an absolutely dynamite example of an Ontario Riesling.

Recommended food pairing

The winery suggests, "Truly a fun and y drinking wine that will pair with a variety of dishes. Try it with prosciutto-wrapped grilled peaches, quiche Lorraine or a cheese plate. The best thing about Sketches Riesling is that it is truly delightful on its own!"

2015Tawse Sketches Riesling

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