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Vineland Brut Reserve

Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Riesling

VQA Ontario

12 Alcohol


We have featured wine from Vineland Estate in WineCollective previously. We’re a fan of the expression of the Niagara terroir that Vineland achieves in most of their wines. Not only are Vineland wines reflective of top-quality Canadian production, they are one of the more affordable wineries. No costs spared, the wines are produced with impeccable attention to detail. Winemaker at Vineland, Brian Schmidt, is committed to producing quality wines, whose beginnings start in the vineyard, "It is of paramount importance to understand the soil and the site where your grapes are grown." Minimalist winemaking, where there is less 'hands' in the process, again reinforces Brian's commitment to quality wines that are as reflective of terroir as possible. With focus on varietals that are best suited to the cool climate of Niagara, Vineland's stellar lineup features Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Riesling. Enjoy this year at 8-10 C.

How it looks

Soft, straw yellow with golden reflections. The bubbles are persistent and lively in the glass.

How it smells

Delicate aromas of stone fruits and citrus zest are partnered with more distinct notes of golden apples and toasted pine-nuts.

How it tastes

A romantic description of the palate from the producer, "The fine, “creamy” bubbles lightly dance on your tongue delivering a distinct, enlivening and bright citrus chorale. Clear notes of fresh apple, peach and pear whisper almost undetectably from the wings in this effervescent presentation of subtlety and nuance. A mouth-watering acidity ensures this sparkler is enjoyable as a solo or as the perfect pair for oysters on-the-half-shell and other fresh seafood. Celebrate life as you drink in this liquid Ode to Joy!"

Recommended food pairing

Bubbles are the perfect go-to for many dishes, from spicy to salty. With a natural affinity to seafood, we agree with the producer that oysters, or any rich crustaceans will be a great match.

2013Vineland Brut Reserve

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