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Vineland Pinot Meunier

Pinot Meunier

Twenty Mile Bench, Niagara Escarpment, Ontario

11.1 Alcohol


A single varietal bottle of Pinot Meunier is not that common, especially not in a sparkling style from France. This is an unique opportunity to discover what this grape is all about! It is a dark coloured grape that is a clonal mutation of the Pinot group, and so shares the same DNA as Pinot Noir, and Pinot Gris. The word Meunier in French is "miller", and is called so because of the "floury" colouring on the underside of the leaves. We did some research on the Ontario VQA site to learn more about the small area of Twenty Mile Bench, " stretches east to west from Fifteen Mile Creek to west of Cherry Avenue. Bisected by Twenty Mile Creek, it has a complex topography with a distinctive double bench formation west of Twenty Mile Creek, and short, varied slopes that roll to the brow of the escarpment. The sheltered north-facing slopes and the air circulation from Lake Ontario provide for year round temperature moderation, setting up an ideal growing season for quality grapes." Enjoy this wine by 2020 and at 17 C.

How it looks

Plummy, med-dark core and jewel toned.

How it smells

Brambly berries and deep raspberry aromas showcase fruit, with light vegetal notes - similar to what we might find from a Cabernet Franc.

How it tastes

Vineland paints great stories through their wines, "In the shade of our gently swaying willow Brian waived his hand towards Bo-Teek Vineyard and quietly said, “If I had known how much trouble….. how many vines would die as a regular matter of course with our Pinot Meunier, well…. Good thing I did not know!” He, as with those who try the wine fall instantly in love and it’s all worth it. The 2016 is another great beauty with charm, elegance and subtlety. The alluring essences of Bing cherry, raspberry and sweet beet open the way to base notes of fresh crumbled clay-loam and bergamot tea. The wine happily reveals each nuanced element through hidden curves that will keep you engaged forever."

Recommended food pairing

When in doubt, we suggest similar pairing that would go well with Pinot Noir. Salmon, mushroom risotto, good company on a nice evening in.

2016Vineland Pinot Meunier

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