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Encantador Blanco

Viura, Sauvignon Blanc

Yecla, Spain

Alc. 11.5 %

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A blend of Viura "VEE-yur-ah" (aka Macabeo) and Sauvignon Blanc from Yecla, the most northern region within Murica, in Southeastern Spain. Yecla is surrounded by other regions, all of which are predominantly planted with the red varietal Monastrell (80% of vineyards in Yecla). Yecla's proximity to the coast provides Mediterranean influences, which can moderate the harsher continental climate of the inland, where it can be extremely hot and dry.

Sauvignon Blanc is a familiar varietal to most, however, Viura is less of a household name. It is widely planted and often blended in Spanish white wine from the northern and eastern regions, and is a core varietal in Cava. Viura can be presented in 2 distinct styles, either rich and nutty when aged in oak barrels, or fresh and zesty when fermented in stainless steel. We have the latter in Encantador Blanco, which showcases the varietal's bright, fresh and floral flavours with ample acidity. Enjoy this year at 7 C.


Extremely light straw yellow, with green reflections.


Orchard fruits take the lead with crisp and juicy green pear and golden apple. An underlying minerality presents like wet stone or slate, offering a clean backdrop to the fruit, dried herbs and apple blossom. With warmth, more tropical notes show with passionfruit and a grassy herbaciousness.


There is slight effervescence - the wine fizzes and dances on your tongue. There are more apples, this time green and a bit tart, partnered with citrus notes of lime zest and fresh, sweet lemon. There is a peppery green flavour, maybe green peppercorns or arugula? This zesty green profile adds freshness to the palate. Ample acidity is mouthwatering and cleansing, flowing to a green pineapple finish.


Is it summer yet? Seafood is ideal, a dish that accentuates the fresh and exotic flavours found in the wine. Serve seared tilapia with a fruit salsa on jasmine rice - this will be one aromatic meal!

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