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Spirito d'Italia

Pinot Grigio

Northern Italy

12 Alcohol


Spring is in the air and we're thinking about crisp and clean white wines. Pinot Grigio (PG) is at the top of this list! This versatile grape and style may be dismissed as being boring, but we think just the opposite. We can honestly say we have never met a PG we didn't like! There are 3 main styles of PG. Firstly, the most common Italian style, is dry and fruity. This style is easy drinking and perfect for crowds. The second style is a bit more serious, showing a little more complexity by flexing its minerality muscles and showcasing some fruity notes. The last style is more commonly labelled as Pinot Gris. These wines will have a little more body and viscosity, and shows richer fruit notes. Spirito d'Italia Pinot Grigio has captured the first, light and fresh style, perfectly. The winery's intention was to create a wine to be enjoyed anytime with everyone. The lively, crisp palate is perfect for a warm spring evening (or afternoon!). Enjoy now, chilled to 8 C.

How it looks

Light, lemon juice colouring with little pigmentation along the outermost edges.

How it smells

Soft aromatics - nothing bold jumps out of the glass, instead a myriad of elegant and delicate stone fruits play lightly. On top of the peach and white cranberries, there are floral notes from lilies and a wet slate minerality.

How it tastes

Rather than noting specific flavours, the fusion of elements taste like summer in your glass! Light bodied with lip smacking acidity and a soft palate. Enjoyable and quenching, delivering additional notes of peaches and cran-apples. Pebbles and dried grasses bring us back to imagining a hot summer's day.

Recommended food pairing

Keep it light - a white poached fish and a wild rice pilaf is delightful. Looking for a little more oomph? Try risotto with fresh peas and lemon zest.

2016Spirito d'Italia

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